October Breakfast Recap

We can easily say October's breakfast was one of the funniest and most entertaining breakfasts we've ever had. The Social Media Club of Kansas City hosted the Lawrence Police Department as they spoke about how they went from 0 to 64,000 followers in two years.

Their secret? Honesty, relevancy and showing the human side of law enforcement.

Lawrence PD's foray into Twitter didn't start off with a bang, but they quickly learned that being relevant and engaging with popular culture helps show that they're human. For example, when Tostitos started advertising a chip bag that could be used as a breathalyzer:

Or, when an officer accidentally left a gas pump in the car and a resident called them out on it:

But if they aren't selling anything or gaining customers, what is the value? It's community engagement during a time when law enforcement isn't always popular. It's name recognition as a premier law enforcement agency when recruiting is difficult.

Lawrence taught us that the value of social media isn't always measured in dollars, and that it doesn't always cost dollars to be relevant and at the top of your game on Twitter.

Check out their presentation slides below, and if you're not following them on twitter, head over to https://twitter.com/lawrenceks_pd.