Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated


And apologies to Mark Twain for the misquote.

This week, Facebook users were finding themselves memorialized, which is what the site does after someone dies. In this case, the users were very much still alive. A Facebook spokesperson said it was a just an unfortunate bug.

Speaking of not believing everything you read on Facebook…. Things are pretty ugly online right now. All that stuff we’ve been saying about fake stories and abusive users isn’t going away just because we held the election.

Be a little kinder than you need to, don’t believe everything that you read, and stay safe out there!

About the author:
Tara Saylor is a communications manager by day, grad student by night and curious all the time. She is also a web nerd and recovering copywriter. Tara focuses on the channels that enable communication and using metrics to improve communication effectiveness. She tweets about communication and combines as @AnokheeTara.