3 Things You’ll Learn from Sickweather


In a world full of social media, people are sharing information constantly. They share interesting news articles, opinions on the newest episode of a favorite TV show, their thoughts on a brand's new product or whether they are coming down with a cold. Our guest at the December SMCKC breakfast, Graham Dodge, Founder/CEO of sickweather, will share how tracking the flu through social media applies to more than just people getting sick, it translates into knowing more about how to track data on social in general. After breakfast, you'll be able to apply these lessons from sickweather to your own business or organization.


Overview of how businesses can leverage social media surveillance - Sickweather monitors terms around people being sick like "flu" "chicken pox" "doc" and "bronchitis" to map where people are sick via their own patent-pending algorithm. Find out how their process was built and how you can transfer their ideas to your own business. Check out what this looks like on their live map.


DIY social media surveillance tips - Not all surveillance has to be done via pricey platforms or using a custom-built algorithm. Find out what tools are out there to help you or your company get information around your brand. Plus, understand how sickweather uses alerts to keep their users in the know.

Paid social media surveillance options - Surveillance on social is a big business and getting ahead of trends can mean big business for your organization. Using the information people are making public each day, how can you spot trends early, understand their velocity and translate them into changes you can make in your own business?