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Be a Social Media Club of Kansas City Sponsor!

With 2-3 monthly events, 2 large annual events and numerous digital touch points daily with members, the Social Media Club of Kansas City (SMCKC) can help you get what’s important to you communicated in a variety of different ways. SMCKC digital channels are robust with:

2,877 Facebook fans
10,566 Twitter followers
2,903 members on our email list

Through those channels, we are happy to help promote your organization, message or event with tweets, Facebook posts, smckc.com posts and inclusion in the SMCKC bi-monthly email newsletter. The opportunities for you to reach the SMCKC network include:

Breakfast, Lunch or Happy Hour Sponsorship
AMPS or Ignition Sponsorship
Media Partnership

Below is a breakdown of each opportunity and what is included:


Breakfast Sponsorship:
SMCKC is pleased to have Grand Street as the official breakfast event sponsor. Our monthly breakfast events meet at the Grand Street Plaza location on the first Friday of each month (unless otherwise noted due to a holiday conflict). Thank you Grand Street!


Lunch Sponsorship:
Each quarter, SMCKC hosts a lunch featuring topics geared toward advanced social media professionals. These professionals tend to be more experienced and come from large KC brands, active non-profits and progressive agencies. Lunch attendance ranges from 30-60 people.

  • Tagging and logo inclusion on creative for event promotions via smckc.com, the Eventbrite page, email newsletters, tweets and Facebook posts with links to sponsor website/social sites
  • Five minute address to group by sponsor at lunch
  • Banner, poster, flyers and/or schwag posted/available at lunch provided by sponsor
  • Promoted post on Facebook with tag to your Facebook page and image of logo & link to event
  • Guest blog post on smckc.com featuring organization, message, or event with link to post circulated via smckc digital properties.
  • Members still pay $35 admission
  • Sponsor receives one free admission to the lunch

Sponsor 1 lunch for $1,000, Sponsor the entire year for $3,500

Happy Hour Sponsor:

Happy Hours are hosted by SMCKC at various locations around the KC metro. Happy hours can include content or simple networking opportunities for members. Happy hour attendance is generally around 50 members.

  • Sponsor works with SMCKC Events Chair in selecting, booking and arranging for food & beverage at the happy hour
  • Venue must be large enough to accommodate a minimum of 50 people
  • Five to 10 minute presentation by sponsor at happy hour
  • Social mentions for event promotions including smckc.com, the Eventbrite page, Twitter & Facebook
  • Logo on creative for graphic elements of happy hour promotions
  • Banner, poster and/or schwag posted and/or available at happy hour provided by sponsor
  • Facebook, Twitter and blog post mention with link to sponsor website/social sites
  • Promoted post on Facebook with tag to your Facebook page and image of logo and link to event
  • Members do not pay admission to the happy hour

Sponsor 1 happy hour for $500, Sponsor 3 for $1,250

AMPS Sponsorship: Help AMP up the AMPS Awards!
The Social Media Club of Kansas City created the AMPS Awards to recognize excellence in social media as judged by social media practitioners. AMPS happens once in a year in February and has an attendance of up to 200 of the best of the best in KC Social Media.

Presenting Sponsor – $2,500 – As the exclusive Presenting Sponsor of AMPS, your logo will be woven into the presentation template, including on the Welcome reel and added to smckc.com. You’ll also receive shout outs on social before, during and after the event, and mentions during the event. Presenting sponsorship at AMPS includes registration for a full table at the event (8 seats). 

Amplifier Sponsor – $500 –Amplifier Sponsors will be added to the awards website and will receive social media shout outs during the event. Amplifier sponsorship includes four (4) event tickets.

Bar Sponsor – $500 – no clever names needed. This sponsor will surely be the most loved, by helping keep the bar well stocked. We’ll need something to cheers with when we hear the winners! The bar sponsor will be recognized on event materials, the Welcome reel and bar-top signage. 

ReTweeter Sponsor – $250 – ReTweeter Sponsors will be added to the awards website and receive a social media shout out. RT sponsorship includes two (2) tickets to the event.

Creative Sponsor – In-Kind – The Creative Sponsor will provide all digital assets for the Amps Awards and will be recognized in event and online materials. This sponsorship receives a full table (8 seats) at the event.

Print Sponsor – In-Kind – The Print Sponsor will provide all printed assets for the AMPS Awards and will be recognized in event and online materials. This sponsorship receives two (2) seats at the event.

Ignition Sponsorship


Ignition is a bi-annual SMCKC event created to help KC non-profits get help with their social media strategy. The event is held in conjunction with Non-Profit Connect and has an attendance of around 50 social media practitioners. Both events have opportunities for sponsorship.

Location Sponsor – $500 – The Location Sponsor will provide the venue for Ignition and will be recognized in event and online materials as well as tagged on social media before, during and after the event.

Food Sponsor – $1,000–The Food Sponsor will provide lunch and beverages for the teams of social media pros and non-profits working to improve the non-profit’s mission. The Food Sponsor will be recognized in event and online materials as well as tagged on social media before, during and after the event.

Post-event Sponsor – $1,000 – The Post-Event sponsor will provide the location for the networking time after Ignition. Special discounts on food and drinks will be a part of this sponsorship. The Post-Event Sponsor will be recognized in event and online materials as well as tagged on social media before, during and after the event.

Media Partnership:
There are many informative events happening throughout Kansas City and SMCKC is happy to help promote those events, whether conferences, seminars or fundraisers. The promotion for those events will happen through SMCKC’s digital channels. We ask that bullet points of content are provided to assist with social post creation. Live-event tweeting is a facet of the partnership, helping bring the insights of the event to the over 9,800 followers on the SMCKC Twitter account. To facilitate the live-tweeting aspect of the event, SMCKC asks for 1-2 comp tickets for SMCKC board members who will be attending.

In exchange for this promotion, we also ask for a SMCKC member discount for the event. The nature of that discount is up for discussion, but a general starting point is 10% of the event ticket price.

See something you like? Want us to create a custom sponsorship opportunity? Please let us know and we’ll work with you on meeting your unique requests. Trade opportunities are available as well. If you would like to partner with SMCKC, please contact Advocacy chair at advocacy@smckc.com.

We’d like to thank our ongoing sponsor for SMCKC: Emfluence

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