Little Big Video

Last week, we hosted Sarah Redohl, chief creative strategist at Storylab, at our April Pro Luncheon. Sarah shared her knowledge for creating awesome videos from a mobile phone and why more content needs to move to video format. 74 percent of all internet traffic in 2017 is projected to come from video. Video has the highest conversion rate of any content type!

Sarah says the most common excuses she hears for why people/brands aren’t creating videos are:

  1. Video is expensive
  2. It must be perfect to be effective
  3. Producing your own videos is super time-consuming

Her main takeaway was summed up in one slide:


She recommends four mobile apps to get started:

As you begin to think about creating videos, it’s important to follow a checklist to ensure you’re getting the most ROI.

  • Decide your goals
  • Decide your platform
  • Determine your story
  • Develop a compelling plot
  • Choose your video type
  • Storyboard your video
  • Share with CTAs

Sarah’s checklist is a good reminder of things to think through as we move more of our content to video. Does your story have a plot? Is there a call to action? Is your video the proper length? There is a huge opportunity to create more videos. Videos are shared 1200 percent more than text and that visitors stay on sites with video 88 percent longer. Review this checklist every time you decide to create a video!

Watch Sarah’s webinar from the event (it’s free)!